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We are excited to share our house with you!

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Welcome to Jeddito Elementary
We Believe...

We welcome you to our school's website and the chance to show off our district, our employees, and our students. We welcome any questions you might have and invite you to check out our site, our school, and our successes!

Geographically we are in Keams Canyon, Arizona, located on the Navajo Reservation and we're a K-8 school in the Cedar Unified School District - one of three schools in our rural district.

It is the goal of the Jeddito Elementary School to provide quality educational services that meet each of our student's individual needs. Our school's well-trained and dedicated staff provides an array of services through traditional, special services, and alternative programs.

So, enjoy your visit, and check back often to stay informed about the exciting happenings at Jeddito School!

A Message From Our Principal

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year! As professional educators, it is an honor to have your children at Jeddito Public School. Why do I say it is an honor? Because the school is fortunate to have the best students any teacher could ask for. 

Last year was a foundational year. As a result, we saw a significant increase in student achievement and for the first time in many years, students who exceeded the state standards. We recognized students for their hard work. Nine students received the Presidential Academic Excellence Award for their outstanding achievement. Not only did students show significant gain in academic performance, our students also excelled in extracurricular activities on the ballfield, the court, and cross-country. In addition, a team of students took 7th in the state in an academic competition!

Our students also excelled as community citizens. Last year there was not one referral for alcohol, drugs, weapons or fights. That is almost unheard of in any school! The students of this school know their responsibilities as community citizens and put in practice those values that make JPS a great place to learn. We will continue to build on the foundation of core academics, core values and core principals. This year fine arts have been added at the upper grade levels to provide students with a well-rounded educational experience. We are also making an effort to improve our communication with you and the community. Together we can make Jeddito Public School a great place to learn. Thank you for your support! 


Duane Noggle
Jeddito Public School Principal